“We’re on a mission to connect organic farmers everywhere, regardless of the products they raise.”

What We Do

We are here to connect organic farmers and to provide them with the resources they need to prosper in the field.

Who We Are

ConnectOrganic.com was built by a team of organic farmers interested in making it easier to connect and collaborate with other organic farmers.

We want it to be easier for you to buy equipment for your farm, find markets for your grain, try new¬†approaches in the field¬†and to meet new people, because we think that it’s a great way to grow the organic farming industry.

We’re just real people, real farmers, trying to do our part at doing things the right way.

Scott Niemela and Mark Keskey own a fertility company that services organic farmers in Cokato, Minnesota called Crop Fertility Services.

What We Need From You

Most importantly, thank you for being here.

We’re interested in a couple things from you.

  1. Participating in the community, whether that’s in the Connect Organic Facebook Group.
  2. Feedback. How can we improve? What can we do more of? Let us know.
  3. Content. If you have a video, field trial, how to, success story, or just a tale from the farm you’d like to share please consider writing for us.