Write An Article for ConnectOrganic.com

We want you to write for ConnectOrganic.com!

Ok, all you organic content creators out there, are you ready to do some guest blogging?

It’s Tyler from ConnectOrganic.com.

Our goal with Connect Organic is to simply connect Organic Farmers and the industry, whether it’s via articles, the Connect Organic Facebook Group, the forum, or anywhere else on the site.

Here is what we are looking for..

I am looking for people to write up guest blog posts, so if you are looking for a full time job as a writer, this isn’t for you.

As of now, it’s not a paid gig (this site isn’t designed to make us money.. that said, if you’re a genie with a pot of gold.. call us).

Basically, I am looking for those content creators who want to:

  • Get more exposure for themselves, whether it’s their brand or their website.
  • Build high quality back links.
  • Send traffic to their corner of the internet.
  • Display their organic farming expertise.


The Type of content we’re after..


Almost any type of content in the world of Organic Farming. Whether it’s field trials, grain/dairy farming articles, vegetable farming tales, how to do xyz, video articles, anything.

This site is designed to service people interested in Organic. Whether you’re a farmer or a consumer, we want to be a resource and a community for you.

Your content should be a minimum of 1000 words and easy to understand.

The content you submit needs to be original and not an exact copy of the content you have on your site or blog.

What we need to start the process..

Please send an email to tyler (at) cropfertilityservices.com with the script below.

Subject: write for ConnectOrganic.com


  1. Article idea
  2. Example of your work (if you do not have any, that’s just fine–it’s not a requisite)
  3. Brief summary of your article


Thank you!